I always feel great after Monday night class. D.Sensei projects this excitement about teaching that makes you feel excited to learn.

Ikyo & nikyo from ai-hanmi
Zigzag across the line with each step – thru uke’s center
Talked about belly button projection & finding/knowing/keeping uke’s point of imbalance

Slide off line (zig)
drop front hand under uke’s wrist & around , uke’s elbow comes up – control elbow & simultaneous step/push thru uke’s center (zag) – step across line again, stretching uke to ground (zig) and bring back knee down, into uke’s armpit/ribs – various pins from this position.

Suwari waza
Shikko – knee walking – basic techniques
starting in left hanmi – bring knees together & raise right knee (point raised knee straight down the line) – feet stay connected, pivot on left knee. Right knee goes down, left knee comes to center and goes up – feet connected, etc.
pivot tenkan when knees are together.

Bokken drills – it’s not hanmi – narrower stance, feet pointed more forward – always right hand in front. step step block left shoulder with left foot forward, then double tenkan, shomenuchi.


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