D. Sensei split class up into sub-5th, 5th kyu, and over-5th. Being sub-5th, Spent the entire class with same partner doing 1) kokyo series 2) kokyo-nage morote & urra, and 3) shiho-sabaki from 5 attacks – katatetori, tsuki, shomenuchi, yokomenuchi, and ushiro ryotetori. I thought I knew shiho sabaki, but I guess I’d only been practicing from one or two attacks, and applying the 5 techniques (from left hanmi, below).

  • Shiho sabaki from katatetori – preemptive tenshin (leading uke), wax-on, shihosabaki.
  • From tsuki – tenshin, slap punch with BACK (right) hand, hold attacking hand down with left hand and atemi with right hand, then bring right hand down uke’s arm under your other hand and shihosabaki
  • Shomenuchi – ikkyo block: slide in, front (left) hand blocking below wrist, back (right) hand at elbow. Move right had to inside of uke’s arm, begin wax-on with right knocking shomen arm away, Simult. atemi (diag. cut) with left hand, causing uke to flinch/turn/step back. Start tentai. Continue cut thru to end of arm and meet right hand at end of wax-on, tentai again. It all ends naturally in shihosabaki. (I’m still confused on this one)
  • Yokomenuchi – tenshin and big elliptical wax-on ends in shihosabaki – just go with the flow, man.
  • Ushiro ryotetori – (first time doing this one) – slide back as uke grabs wrist. As uke comes around to grab other wrist, step forward to opposite corner of box and duck under uke’s 2nd arm (the one going for right wrist) . Your pretty much in shihosabaki right there.

Suwari wasa, Ikkyo and nikkyo, each morote and urra, from yokomenuchi attack –
Morote – front knee comes up first. Urra – back knee comes up first and you go behind uke.
For nikkyo, as you roll elbow up, wrist down, continue to flip your hand around uke’s wrist and come up in nikkyo.


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