A really good class. Used tanto (wooden knife) for the entire class. Same techniques as tsuki (punch), but with greater awareness of proper distance, nage’s position relative to blade, and blade/hand metaphor. …My luck, I draw Mr. Real Life Scenario on the first exercise. It goes like this: “Do you know how to breakfall?” “No.” “Hmm..(Japanese-esque grunt) …ok I’ll try to take it easy” execute koto-gayeshi (not a technique that delicatley holds the future of uke’s entire arm’s cohesion in balance if done with discretion) POW! BANG! CRACK! “How was that?” “A little rough perhaps?” “Ok…I’ll try to take it even more easy.” For the rest of class I was gingerly avoiding hard falls and was collapsing in most embarassing routine falls. Nevertheless, tanto holds much promise for emphasising the deeper purpose or nature of some of the techniques we practice every day.

  1. koto-gaeshi with pin (all pins standing – kneeling pin would be too dangerous due to tanto/blade)
  2. Some sort of comlicated ikkyo to ground pin
  3. Nikkyo to standing ground pin
  4. Shiho sabaki -> shomenage urra

Then we did randori and I totally balked. Embarassing.
I feel like I have a few new elbows and wrists. Lots of ibuprofin.


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