Back to running now, as of Oct. 1. 06. Been able to stick with it and progress nicely. Nicely enough to get some new shoes. Training for a 10k on 2.24.07. Cutting the alcohol (eliminating it alltogether as of 1.1.07) has helped, along with slowing WAY down on all runs. I think Both of those things were what I had been doing wrong on my past failed attempts.

For a while there I tried to follow the Low Heart Rate school of training and base building.
It’s just too hilly around here, and I got tired of listening to the zone alarm beep like a nagging backseat driver. Meanwhile I have switched to pace-based training, keeping an eye to average and max HR readouts, and adjusting on the next run. Step-by-step adjustments were taking away the escape and relax aspect of the run. I’m using the Fitense FS-1. It’s a little dated and the HR strap is crap – metal battery cover plate with 4 screws?? It leaks constantly and I have to wrap it in tape to keep the internals dry and from getting errant readings. More later…


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