6 mile

Ran 6 miles today. That’s the farthest I’ve run in training since high school. Of course there’s the three 10k’s I ran in ’02, but never ran more than 5 while training for those. Back then “slow” meant not trying to beat your time for the distance, and hard meant trying to.
You’d typically do one “hard” day a week, the rest “slow”. Both types of runs were probably at 85 – 90 % max HR. It’s hard to guess what your baseline is when comparing to your performance at 17. Spent a year flirting with shin splints that way. Felt I could never get over the “hump” into the mode where running is fun.

Of course in high school, we’d crank out effortless 8-10 milers while steeped in conversation – chanting cadence from Full Metal Jacket (you know the one), composing articles and by-laws for the ficticious Runner’s Constitution, making up white-guy raps. Wonder if the R.C. still exists.


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