Now I’ve done it

Registered for the Charles Harris 10k (Feb 24th). Which means I must be at the end of week 3 of the 8 week plan. But the real challenge will be running a marathon in ’07. Not that it couldn’t be done – I’d been toying with the idea already. Just not out loud. Mapping out the schedules and what-if scenarios. Officially my goals for ’07 were three 10k’s and a HM. Charles Harris being the 1st. But then I was in a conversation over beers with a person who is of the physical-performance-equals-character school of though, debating whether accepting challenges that are beyond your known limits is insane or demonstrates “formidable human character”, or whether recognizing/accepting said limits makes you a pussy. “Look at my brother in law” I said. “I have known him for years and I never would have thought he’s been training for and running triathlons for the past 8.” “So which one are you training for?” he asks. “Why the December 31 Run for the Ranch marathon, of course.”


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