Downs & Ups

Down: Skipped yesterday’s run
Up: Ran at 5:30 AM today
Down: It was 38 degrees and pouring rain last night (the run I skipped)
Up: It was “only” 40 and no rain this morning.
Down: It still sucked
Up: I feel great now.
Down: I could not muster going slow enough all last week, including on Saturday’s long run. My target HR is 143, which averages out to a painfully slow 12 minute mile.
Up: Had no problem going slow this morning – 4.5 miles @ 12:09, 139 average HR (160 HR peak – it’s hilly) Felt totally in the groove.
Down: No time to blog after run.
Up: Testing out publishing from email …. hope it works – here goes.


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