On my knees

On my last two Sunday long runs, I have been having knee pains for that last couple of miles.  Ibuprofen & ice being the standard treatment, got me this far.  This week the pain lingered for a few days.  Still there when climbing stairs.  Sounds like the symptoms fit "runner's knee".  The Article Another article.  The plan:  I have skipped every other day this week, and I guess I'll ease up on the mileage.  Work on some core & support muscles.  Perhaps switch to the equivalent week of Higdon's Novice 10k instead of the Intermediate I had been following.  I'd rather not screw this up.  Too dark/cold/hilly to bike, my only other crosstraining available.  Grrr.

The upside:  Runner's World article this month on knees cite that runners have no higher rate of knee problems than the average populace.  (Not to mention lower blood pressure, healthier heart, etc.)  Interesting exploration of some new theories as to what the causes of PTFSXYZ may be.  Their remedy, however: Ice, Ibuprofen, core & support muscle exercises. Ease back in to running.


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