Charles Harris 10k, Tucker GA

Time: 54:44 (8:50 / mile)

  1. 8:54 / 8:54
  2. 17:50 / 8:56
  3. 27:00 / 9:10
  4. 36:26 / 9:25
  5. 45:18 / 8:52
  6. 53:45 / 8:27

This is my first race since the October 2002. My times that year were around 52:15 (8:25/mile). My goal today was to beat 1 hour (9:40 being the fastest tempo I’d sustained in training so far) as a benchmark for starting out the year. Handily blew that away, eh?
I overcompensated in allowing “plenty” of time to check in, get the race package, etc. By the time I had the number pinned on, there was 1 hour left before the gun.
Usually the first half mile is an eerie calm and pitter patter of feet and measured breathing. This race was quite boisterous at the beginning, with lots of talking between groups of runners. When I looked at my split time at 1 mile, I was impressed, since I was sub-9:00 and felt great. I decided to keep that pace for another mile, cruise for 2 miles, then kick it up a notch and try to get reverse splits for the last 2.2 miles. As you can see it worked. Somebody had a PA system set up off the back of his pickup at mile 3.5. You guessed it – the theme from Rocky. Couldn’t be cheesier. And yet I still got goosebumps and a surge of adrenaline as I passed it. Almost started my kick too early.

I’ll wait for the official results and subtract :10 for my watch time – I forgot to punch my stopwatch at the finish line so the above final time is estimated. But -00:10 is consistent with the times the course workers were calling out at the splits.

To top it all off I won the grand door prize – a new pair of Nikes. All around a good day. And it’s only 10:30.

Update – Official time 54:54 (ergo 54:44 wristwatch time)
82/100 age group (82%); 446/593 overall mens (75%)


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