The dog ate my jeans

Felt like &%# on my Sunday run.  Last Thursday I ran 4 miles @ 11:17 / 150HR.  Saturday I ran 4 miles (on what I consider a hillier course) @ 11:19/145HR.  That felt awesome.  Then Sunday I had to stop at 4.5 miles of my scheduled 5 (my left knee felt "funny", and not funny haha).  My pace was 11:41/145HR. 

On the bright side I finally started to lose some weight.  A few weeks ago the dog ate my jeans. The good, broken in, loose comfy pair.  Since then I've been wearing sweat pants and army fatigues around the house and on weekends.  The other day I was forced by circumstance to dig out some older jeans that I haven't worn in years (my ex-gf wouldn't let me wear slacks to a casual party.  Not that there is such a thing as being overdressed, she just didn't want to be out-dressed…).  Surprise, they fit!  I have been hovering at my start-weight since I started running, plus or minus 2 pounds depending on the time of day.  Quite disconcerting when burning 1500-2000 calories/week more than usual and eliminating alcohol.  But finally it's slipping away.  Down 8lbs ish.  Down 20 if you start at my all-time high of 3 Christmases ago.  Not that the casual observer wold even notice or suggest I need to lose weight.  I just hate shopping for clothes, and I have given my current wardrobe a temporary reprieve.  Now only to eliminate ice cream.


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