Wee Willie Winkie

There is a whole new circuit that I did not know about.  I have seen on the forums that the crack of dawn crew, or the pre-dawn patrol, or whatever they call themselves (crazy nut jobs those) have their own T-shirts, blogs, forum categories, meets, who knows.  Last night I was running after the kids were in bed.  Which is rare for me – a first since warm spring weather set in, in fact.  Usually I run at lunch or right when I get home in the evening.  This time I set off about 9:15, and immediately passed my doppelganger going the opposite way down my street.  Strange, I almost never pass other runners, except at lunch, downtown.  About 3/4 miles later I passed another one, at a crossing intersection, making the whole awkward "shall we dance" who's going to go first perfectly timed collision course pass.  Looped around and passed him again 1.5 miles later.  Apparently (I'm imagining) there is a whole underground network of dads who run as soon as their kids are in bed.  Making it the last thing you do doesn't seem as hardcore as running at 5:00 AM.  Wee Willie Winkie runs through the town….  I smell another T-shirt idea.


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