I had orgotten why new years is such a decent time for resolutions.  Besides being a convenient benchmark, symbolic of new beginnings, etc., it also happens to be the only time of year nothing else is going on.  after the holiday madness, it is two months of obligation-free time on your hands – the perfect opportunity to get a running program off the ground, pick up a new habit, hopefully a good one.  Once spring arrives, the madness arrives along with it.  Spring break, Easter, the home stretch at school, soccer practice, nice weather weekends filled with art festivals or trips, work deadlines (tied to schoolyear schedule).  Getting too warm to run at lunch.  Just full of excuses.  Summer promises to be no better, kids being out of school, summer camp, road trips, etcetera. 

Right now I am 4 days away from another 10k.  I have barely been eeking out 15 miles per week, if that, with my on-again/off-again schedule.  Hopefully I won't suck too badly.


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