Gym – again

Looks like I will be joining a gym again.  I had been a member of some form of gym, health club, YMCA, etc., almost continuously for the past 15 years.  More for general fitness than anything else, although I usually went mostly for the weights, and for a few years, spinning classes.  Once when my office location was close enough to allow me to work out during lunch almost every day, I got to the point where skinny guys would ask my advice on proper form.  Almost-gym-guy.  Never did make it to the point where girls would ask me for advice on proper form, or guys would ask me about supplements.  Not-quite-gym-guy.  Gym attendance all came to an end about 18 months ago when my work location moved just far enough away that even an abbreviated workout would take 90 minutes away from the desk.  That's when I started Aikido in the evenings, instead.  Something I'd always wanted to do.  A steep rate increase combined with a scheduling conflict moved Aikido from my "doing" back to the lifetime "to-do" list where it remains to this day, and I took up running. 

Today I was lamenting the fact that the summer weather has arrived, making it near impossible to run at lunch as I had been doing.  Low and behold I found a gym at the hospital only 1/2 mile from the office.  I will have to be careful not to let gym workouts tempt me to put off running, with the "gym and no running is better than no gym and no running" rationale.  Another common excuse is that runners (and alot of new-to-weightlifters) are afraid that they will get "too big" from lifting.  Experience has shown that there is absolutely nothing to worry about in that department.

I may even bring the bike to the office, to ride to & from the gym.


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