Those bloody blisters

I looked at the temp picture at lunch time today, and it was 83, just below my cutoff.  I decided to go for a hot run, especially since the evening temp was slated to stay above 85 till after 8 PM.  While changing I discovered that I had failed to pack socks.  The choices were 1) dress socks, 2) no socks, 3) no run.  I went with the fashion-conscious choice, #2.  No big deal I thought, I had run sockless before, and besides sweaty feet, it was no problem.  That was in a different pair of shoes, I guess.  I had to stop at mile 1.15, with my right Achilles tendon rubbed raw.  By the time I walked back to the office, it was bloody, and the left  one was raw as well.  Fortunately I was able to salvage 5 more miles this evening, but not until after 9 PM.  And it's still 83.


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