I am in a major slump.  The summer non-running schedule is even more hectic and less routine than schoolyear routine, between camp, travel, etc.  My wife's work & travel schedule puts me alone with the kids a lot more than typical – which is good, but I can't leave them alone to go on runs in the evening.  The heat & humidity is killing any chances of lunchtime running.  The only and obvious solution is early morning running.  As mentioned before, very hard to do.  And not an option when spouse out of town.  I'll try to take advantage of a "cold snap" this week – highs in the low 80's –  and run at lunchtime.  My lack of consistent weekly mileage this summer is making me question running a marathon anytime in the next 6 months.  Maybe a half.  A buckle-down-&-get-serious "renewed commitment" (now a bimonthly event!) would have to be superimposed on the same schedule that I'm dealing with now.

For what it's worth, the Garmin 305 is awesome.  Comes in very handy while traveling.  If I ever get into any real training, it has some nifty features that I have yet to check out.


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