Chafed nipples

Over past two weeks I have successfully established the habit of running at the crack of dawn. All weekday runs have been “rolling” between 5:00 and 5:30. I still have to get up early enough to at least have a cup of coffee, but it feels good to start off the day this way. Sometimes even disappointed that there won’t be one at lunchtime or evening to look forward to, but it certainly is the only bearable time of the day. And have entered the exclusive hard-core club of Chafed Nipples. Not as elite as Bloody Nipples, but still makes you feel like a “real runner”.

Passed my Doppelgaenger again on one of those runs. Not sure if it was the same guy as last time. This time He was wearing the exact same ensemble as me – black shorts and the same dayglo orange Adidas singlet (the one responsible for the chafing). “Nice colors” he called out as we passed. He must shop the clearance rack at Phidippides too. So when did they start calling them singlets? For some reason we always called them tanktops.


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