8 mile

Had an 8 mile run this AM – again the longest run ever since high school. And then only occasionally did we go beyond 8. Ran at Stone Mountain. Started too late – 10:45 ish – but it was a “cool” 77 instead of the usual 90 by this time. The first 4 miles were a breeze – I felt like I was going slow but was maintaining a 10,in mile. I stopped at mil 0.5 to stretch, and again at 1.0 for a bathroom break. Around mile 4 the overcast broke and it got hot fast. And slow. Stopped at mile 5 (my car – it’s a 5 mile loop) to reload the water pods. I had noticed another paved path perpendicular to the loop road that disappeared into the woods. Being armed with GPS accuracy, I took it. Turned out to be the Atlanta Stone Mountain Trail, the opposite end of which I run regularly from my downtown office. This segment dead ends into “historic” old-town Stone Mountain about 1/4 mile off the loop road. U-turn. The last mile was sluggish due to the heat, but still feeling good afterwards.


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