US 10k Classic

Ran the US 10k Classic yesterday.  It was fairly pathetic.  I ran it once about 5 or 6 years ago, during my last go at running.
  Didn't do so well then either, but my memory chalked it up to not having trained sufficiently.  I had forgotten about the hills.  Brutal.  I was shooting for a 8:30 pace but ended up with 9:01.  I think I could have made the 8:30 on a flatter course, no problem.  The Buckhead Sizzler is in 3 weeks – we'll see then.  Got to experience "one of those" starts everyone complains about.  Most of the other races have been fairly small or have a staggered time-corral start, but this one was 12,000 runners starting simultaneously.  I thought I was being prudent not getting too close to the front, but still fairly close.  Yet it took 1 full minute to reach the line after the gun, and at least a half mile of jogwalking and stepping on people before I hit my pace.  Then it's a 6.2 mile straight line on a 6 lane highway, with no flats.  During the queue for the shuttle back to the cars, two teenage girls were handing out fliers, chanting in unison " Silver Comet Half Marathon…..Flat as a pancake… hills, guaranteed!"


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