Harpeth Hills Flying Monkey Marathon

Harpeth Hills Flying Monkey Marathon. I found this link on a RunningAhead profile. It brought back some memories. I went to high school in Nashville, and ran Cross Country for my last 2 years there. We would always train in Percy Warner Park, as well as race at Vaughn’s Gap and Steeplechase. There are plenty of other schools nearby, but we never seemed to run into any other CC teams training there, so we always thought of it as our park. It is an amazing beautiful place, and brutally hilly. The images on the web site brought back lots of forgotten memories – (my parents moved away from Nashville right after high school so I have never really been back or kept in touch with anybody. 20 year reunion coming up next month – egads). Memories of some of the best times and closest friends from that period. Some of whom have passed away. All the catchy nicknames we dreamed up for various stretches, shortcuts, routes, etc. Running on the horse trails. And just how lush and beautiful it is. I had forgotten about all of that until I found this site.

Anyway, here I am pushing 39, feeling old and nostalgic, and hoping/planning to do a marathon before ’08 is out (HM for ’07). There are two of them here in ATL each year, plus the Music City. But now you have put the nostalgia bug in me to run the Flying Monkey. If not in ’08 then one day.

(And what’s up with the monkeys?)


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