As I read on …..
The previous post about “shugging” is part of a group (or lifestyle, or collection of web pages and forii) dubbed Everyday Systems. Based on simplicity and practicality, they (he?) seek to solve the little problems of modern existence with simple “everyday systems”. They are so simple, almost simplistic, so as to serve as mnemonic devices. But their simplicity are why they work – you have no real excuse not to use them. Example: The No-S Diet – No Snacks, No Sweets, No Seconds, except Sometimes on S days. Simple. Their approach to limiting problem drinking was the “glass ceiling” of 2 drinks per day, no exceptions, no rollover. “It is better to follow a liberal rule than to break a strict one”. Challenge yourself to fool your drinking buddies in to not even noticing that you stopped at 2. Etc.

So I was reflecting on a recent conversation on “Freeganism“, an anti-consumerist approach to necessary consumption. There were several approaches to this lifestyle as well, from practical to moonbat-activist. One of them was “Freegan = Vegan unless it’s free”, to have a meat-free diet unless you can come by the meat for free (don’t ask how – but yes dumpster diving and theft were given options, depending on your level of dedication to the cause or moral relativism.) I realized that my own approach to the “glass ceiling” self-imposed alcohol limitation that I tried last lent was more along these lines. Yes I had tried the S-days only, and the number per day cap in previous years’ temperance movements. But this time I dedicated myself to drinking only on occasions when someone else is buying. The exceptions were: occasions where bringing a gift of wine was appropriate (usually drinking on the hosts then anyway) and on the rare date night. What this came down to for me was the weekly office end-of-Friday beers, and the occasional dinner party. When you stick with it, the savings pile up considerably, as a bonus. I’ll call it “freetotalling”.


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