Retread time

9 miles today.  Stone Mountain, early morning, slight chill.  Just shy of 2 full laps.
I just hit 300 miles with my current NB 857's. Judging that as the low end of start-thinking-about-new-shoes mileage, I started looking at a replacement. They just came out with the 858's at a higher price, but I was able to find some clearanced overstock 857's in my size a the local running store. While trying them on I asked the clerk (all of them are harder core runners) what a good rule of thumb for shoe mileage is, and he said "400-600 miles, unless you are running 70 miles a week or are rotating them. In which case you may get 500-700" (He didn't say 'less than 70' but that is what I assumed he meant.) To which I thought Surprised Shocked and then Shocked Surprised. Granted, the 857 bills itself as a high mileage shoe, but In all the discussions on the subject in forums such as this I have never heard anything close to that high. Anyway, now that I have the new pair (prematurely?) I am starting to imagine pains that weren't there before, while wearing the old pair. It could be psychosomatic, but I am phasing them out none the less. Will work the new pair in to rotation, methinks, starting with the next long run.


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