Running with music

I ran with music for the first time ever.  A nice little cocoon of sensory deprivation.  The last time I upgraded my mobile phone I deliberately got one with MP3 function.  Only this week did I finally get some headphones for it.  Only took 4 trips to Radio Shack and Best buy.  Who knew the jack was a different size? Who knew how tiny my ears are?  I had some pretty good workout playlists from the gym/stairstepper/spinning class days, but thought I would try DJSteveboy's running mixes "Podrunner", lauded on RunningAhead and CoolRunning forums.  It's 90minutes of uninterrupted techno at a specific BPM designed for running, spinning, exercise classes.  The downloads are free, with a 2 minute segment of non-forwardable commercial messages at the beginning (Join the Navy!).  I found it to be decent, though a bit too much "gay disco" and not enough techno/industrial/rave.  But the fixed beat and uninterrupted nature of it is what makes it unique if not inspiring.  He adds new mixes every couple of days – for some reason the archive of hundreds has been reset to zero, so you only have 4 or 5 to choose from at this time.  I also found that 140 BPM is just off my cadence by a few beats.  Will try 150 and 160 respectively.  (I'm listening to the 150 mix "Square One" as I type this and it's already better than the one I ran with this morning.)

Don't try this in traffic.


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