What for 2008?

Nifty planning tool I created: Here

Already looking at what to do for ’08. A 12 – 18 week training schedule is not something you do on impulse. In theory, on Jan. 2 I could jump right in to week 2 of the Country Music Marathon training, and finish a first full 26.2 this spring. Then pick one for the fall, with a little down time and some 10ks in between. The probably wiser thing to do would be to train for the ING or the CM 1/2 marathon this spring (or both?) at a slightly more advanced level than my current training, then train for one of the fall or winter marathons using Higdon’s 30 week plan or similar. The latter was my plan all along. However, the Harpeth Hills Flying Monkey looks very tempting, and they are emphatic about it being too hilly for a first marathon. Thus the attempt to “fit one in” earlier. I’m torn. Of course the HTFU advice would be to do the Harpeth Hills as the first as long as you train for it. I’ll think about it some more.


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