Run for the Ranch Half Marathon

Here are my results from the Run for the Ranch Half Marathon, Springfield, MO, December 30, 2007:

Time: 1:56:56 (new PR)
Pace: 8:56
1 – 7:56
2 – 8:52
3 – 9:06
4 – 9:14
5 – 9:04
6 – 9:00
7 – 8:56
8 – 8:57
9 – 8:52
10 – 8:55
11 – 9:04
12 – 8:39
13 – 8:30

Placement: 56/121 = 46%

Impressions of the race: It was a fun, low key, hometown type event, while still being USATF certified. In my limited experience, I thought the Charles Harris 10k was about as small-town family -run as certified races get, with “only” 1000-ish runners. But this one had a “record” 393 runners. While lots of runners didn’t mind the multiple laps arrangement, I have to say that I didn’t like it. There were no mile markers along the way, since all four distances were running simultaneously, and each lap was 3.1 miles. While knowing exactly what comes next, and breaking the race down into pieces is nice, I think I prefer counting off the miles, and each being unique. Factor in however, that my last half marathon I was floating on a cloud of exhilaration contributed to by the size of the crowd & audience, and out performing my expectations. And selective memory, I’m sure. Also a detraction was the starting partial-lap and the fact that the lap start-finish line was a single cone U-turn (unexpectedly), not a run-through. But it was still fun and a PR.

I went out way to fast, posting a sub 8:00 first mile, partially due to the fact that the 5k and 10k were starting simultaneously. The second lap I felt like crap (see mile 4 above), winded and my legs felt funny. The second and third laps I was in the groove, and the 4th I tried my best to crank it up a notch and make up for my bad first lap. All along I was running at my goal pace, the opening mile providing enough buffer. I chose to wear my hydration belt, I hate water stops. It worked fine for me at the Atlanta HM, and it did here too. But by the last couple of miles I felt like it was a burden. May have to rethink that.

News story here. Picture gallery included, but I am not in it.


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