Today’s run

A 9 mile run on my less-favorite Henderson Road route (traffic-free Stone Mountain is perferred for LSD). The weather was perfect. Stopped around mile 6.5 to psuh a stalled car over a crest so he could roll down to a side street. Music was pretty good – I was getting sick of the World Cruise mix, having listened to it end-to-end countless times. Found my heart strap this week – I thought I had lost it. Disappointed by the results of the HRM. Still a good 10 BPM average above my MAF max rate, even after months or a year at this slow pace (slow=10k pace + 2 min/mile). Granted have not been practicing MAF methods. Don’t know if I will – there is no such thing as a flat spot on any route I can use. I would not look forward to walking all the uphill stretches of my runs, if I tried to strictly follow MAF methods. Also, don’t be fooled by me good looking weekly mileage numbers. I ran last week’s long run on Monday, so it is in the total. Currently I am 39 miles behind the bunny (but 3 ahead of the 1000K bunny!)

This is the sort of stuff that goes thru my head plodding along at 155 steps per minute for a couple of hours. I quit paying attention to the progression of club music subgenres about 1993. DJsteveboy has me confused on the definition of Tribal vs. World Music styles. On the mix World Cruise he bills the first half as “having a world music flavor” but then most of the early tracks are what I (my club-music uneducated self) would think of as “Tribal” – i.e. chanting children, witch-doctor/shaman sounding vocals, etc. Then on the new Running to Elysium, he says it has a “Tribal” first half, but all of the tracks progress from jazz sax thru german/mexican accordion to straight up salsa music, and Caribbean sounding vocal samples (which, by the way, I swear I have heard that same sample on a Meat Beat Manifesto track). Much more what I would call “World flavor”. Enrich me on the subtle differences. Is it dependent on what the base beat track is made of, or just a name some dj invented to set himself apart from the others even though they are basically the same?


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