I’m going to try to get my 7 year old son to do Couch-to-5k with me (me with him rather). Reading about Daddyo‘s family racing together has inspired me to try to get him into running. I’m hoping that C25K’s gradual approach will make it seem not hard at all, and inspire him by his increased performance. My goal here is to demonstrate to him (trick him in to demonstrating to himself? Wax on/wax off) that he can improve on something by working at it. My goal or desire is that it will be something he will enjoy doing with me and hopefully will eventually understand the benefits. But I want to ease him in to it – that’s why something like the C25K.

I sometimes see him developing negative attitudes towards work ethic (effort ethic?). That you have to be inherently “good at something” in order to excel at it. Otherwise there is no point in trying. That you should wait around and find out what you are “good at” and do that. I want him to discover that if you work at something you can do things you did or would not have thought possible for yourself, and I’m doing my best to nudge him to that discovery without turning him off the effort involved. By no means do I want to make him into a “show me a good loser and I’ll show you a loser” or “second place is first loser” mindset. But ultimately I want him to end up with the desire to take on a challenge just to prove that he can reach something just out of his reach.

So far so good. 2 days in, and he is enjoying it. We are up with the occasional dog walker in an otherwise sleeping neighborhood. Gives us time together and he talks a blue streak.


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