I've managed to not run for several weeks now.  Mostly due to a nagging knee pain that I could not get to go away.  It was not the common ITBS or Runners Knee, both of which I've been able to manage with targeted exercises and stretches in the past.  This felt more like a hyperextension when I tried to stretch it out.  I tried "taking it easy" for a little while but it never really went away.  So now 2+ full weeks
completely off with only the C25k run/walk  a few times a week.  Add to that that Trent on Running Ahead has scared me away from Ibuprofin for the time being.  Today is the first day back.  Also first day attempting a post-run ice bath.  Trash can method.  I only lasted 60 seconds.  Is certainly all-encompassing, whereas the frozen peas/ice packs target a specific area. Dixie cups are just messy – never really got into using that runner's mainstay.


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