The great debate

9 miles today. Started too late, at 11:00 AM. Heat not so bad at first, plenty of shade. Crisscrossed a few times to find it. Then from miles 3.5 to 5.5 full sun running parallel to rays. Brought my overall time down to 11 min/mile, but did not feel like I was slow or overexerting. It was only 80, supposedly.

Debating on whether to attempt a marathon this year. My training/running has been hit or miss, although I am keeping up with decent long runs. And a few during the week. To follow the Higdon Novice 2 plan would pick up approx. where I am now, difficulty-wise. A target of the Flying Monkey in Nashville would start training in mid-July. It would be an awesome first marathon, but notoriously hilly, and not recommended for a first. Wondering how one would train for hills. Alternate option would be to shoot for Spring marathon( Ing GA or Music City). Training for wither of those would start in December, with plenty of time to get derailed in the mean time.


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