Peachtree Road Race is in 1 week. I got my package last week. Number 22884. No chip – whats up with that? Apparently only for the 1st corral. I’m in the 2nd…of 5. It is only the worlds largest (& probably most prestigious) open 10k, so i guess 50,000 chips would be hard to keep up with.

Been doing tempo runs (a la Higdon) or fartleks once a week, even though I’m not following a set plan. Today was 1 mile warmup, 3 miles at race pace, 1 mile cooldown. I did OK, averaging 8:40 for 3 miles. My hoped for race pace is 8:30. Which should be doable, once you add in a little adrenaline. Arguably the road I train on is hillier than the race course. I’ll have to run the profiles on it later and compare. I got this program called TOPO! for building your own hiking trail maps. It has a profile feature, but you have to draw the route in first.


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