Speaking of bears

This was posted by Incahiker over on Whiteblaze. It takes place the same weekend (maybe same day), within a mile or two of where we camped Sunday night. Therefore it could very well be the same bear, the second bear.

Speaking of bears, as I was hiking that day a trail runner passed me and we spoke for a second and then he was on his way. Going down levelland mountain I saw him again (10 minutes after we 1st met) and he was clearly shaken. He warned me that he ran into the biggest bear he had ever seen on the trail, easily 400-500 lbs. He said they were only about 15 ft apart because he came around the corner and literally almost ran into the bear. They stared at each other for about 5 seconds and then the bear just mozied on along, just minding his own business. That was sorta intimidating to hear, being it was the 1st time on the A.T. All in all though, I had a wonderful time.

Some “what to do in case” articles:


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