Not a great weekend for running. Saturday I was supposed to do 5 miles tempo, but pulled up after 1.5 and walked back. My calf has been bothering me and feeling tight, and on this day was especially bad. Not screaming in agony bad, but more like charley horse level of pain, and very focused, but no cramping. I skipped a 8 mile long run Sunday, and tried for the long run on Monday. Made the mistake of waiting too late to start, and killed myself in the heat. My normal ceiling is 85 degrees, which it was below, but it should be 80 degrees at the start if the temp is still climbing, especially if the length of the run means you’ll be out there for an hour+. It probably hit 90 while I was out there. I only made it to mile 6 and walked the rest of the way back. Went for a massage yesterday afternoon. Need to do better with stretching.

This morning’s short run felt pretty good again.


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