Getting to know you

Shamefully nosey” poster meme from RunningAhead:

How old were you when you started running?
This “go”: 37, 2 months before turning 38.

What was your prior experience?

16-18: High school cross country.
32: Started running regularly, thinking it would be cool to run the Peachtree. Discovered and their training programs. I worked up to running several 10ks that year. Felt like I was on the verge of injury or pain at all times. In hindsight, I was probably running too fast all the time. “Slow” or “easy” then only meant trying not to beat your previous time or pace, and fast meant trying to do “better” than last time out. Was also most likely not hydrated enough, in general. Quit and started up again a couple of times.

What made you get into it?

Looming benchmark age 40. Started hearing about “normal” people that I knew training for and running marathons. Had always thought/believed/been taught that doing something like that was only for the exceptionally gifted or exceptionally driven. A little research this time on how not to burn out or injure yourself. Used a heart rate monitor. Realized it was the last/only exercise that was 100% on my terms and schedule (as opposed to the gym or martial arts, my other past forms of exercise)

What training or program did you use, if any, to get back into it?
The “C25k” Couch to 5k plan on CoolRunning, each time.

How long has it been since you started?
Just short of 2 years

What’s your weekly/monthly mileage goal?

None, specifically. I would like to work up to running a marathon. For some my mileage always peaks out in the mid-20’s (which is low for marathon training) before I get derailed by life or motivation or an injury issue, and have to back off and build back up.


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