That East Coast Gnarl

Ahh – finally some west coasters give the east coast cred for being harder-core than is usually given credit for. The culprit? Heat, of course:

Karl and Billy rolled into the RV this afternoon shirtless and ready to drop. They finished the 20 mile stretch in the HEAT of the day. Karl was in remarkably good spirits considering the beating they took under the sun. If you are not familiar with the East Coast gnarl, the heat is humid as hell, not like the dry heat of Utah where Karl has been living the last years. Billy rolled in and exclaimed, “Damn that was hard 20 miles, did you think that was a hard 20? I thought that was a hard 20!” Karl got out a, “…yeah, it is… HOT…” and that was that, refueling, hydrating, iced rags on the neck, and icing of the legs.

For those following along at home, Karl Meltzers AT record attempt has been abandoned due to severe tendinitis and trench foot (!!) on day 15 which set them back enough days. However they are continuing on to the finish. Now 5 days from the record, they are still in Virginia somewhere. Blog here.


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