Wild wild life

One mile in to a 9-mile run I was trudging along, lost in an internal debate about whether to do the entire run on the trail, or do half-and-half, and whether to avoid the trails for a whole week, just to give my legs a change of pace and a slightly different workout – I had been feeling a little sore in the ankles and achilles, and had heavy tired legs still 1 mile into this run – when I startled a deer who was crossing the path right in front of me. Or maybe it was the other way around. I stopped and watched for about 5 minutes, as the two does got about 30 feet away before stopping to continue their nibbling and ignoring me. I was surprised at how scrawny they looked up close; I could see their ribs. After that break my legs felt fine. The trail was a 5 mile loop, so to get to 9 miles I ended up passing the same spot two more times. Each time I saw two deer in the same general area, and at least one of the groups was two entirely different deer, with a fawn. Then the cherry on top, less then a mile before the end of the run I saw a 6-point buck. The trail ran along a creek, and it was early morning, so I suppose I was interrupting their breakfast all up and down the creek. This will weigh heavily into back-to-asphalt debate.

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