No S Sherlock

I have been fairly good getting running back in to the routine, this past week. 3 trails and a road. Saw a fox (!!!) , and some more deer. Planted a letterbox. The flexibility to go to stone mountain early mornings has been nice. That said, I stepped on the scales the other day, which I never do, and it was +10 over my of-late average, +15 over ideal. Halloween candy combined with less running. And I’m convinced you become denser with age. (Or gravity is inversely scaled with time – because I swear that’s getting faster too.) So time to dust off the No S diet. This was devised by the same guy who cam up with Shovelglove workout routine mentioned before, and the brilliant concept of “schedulistically significant time”. The NoS has been more successful, having spawned a book. But he’s fairly astute at analyzing human behavior and motivation for having a “mere” computer and language background, and not psychology. Here’s no-S in a nutshell: No seconds, no sweets, no snacks, except on S days (Saturday Sunday, special occasions). That’s it. No counting and keeping track. No good foods vs. bad foods. Just behavior modification and habit forming.


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