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Running has been hit or miss, with busy-ness, cold weather, etc.  I did camp out the other night with the hammock down to 35 degrees.  It was uncomfortable, but not unbearable.  I would not choose to do that temp again though.  Maybe get better thermals, or go to ground below 40*.  They have what you call an “underquilt” which is basically a down quilt or modified sleeping bag that you attach to the bottom of the hammock for cold temperatures.  I don’t want to invest in one of those for the time being….you typically use a foam pad for bottom side insulation, which is good down to about 40 degrees, if you are wearing long johns.  Hammocks tend to be colder, on the “Bridge May Ice Before Roadway” principle.  Jason and I did go on a day hike a few weekends ago, up to Vogel State Park, to plant a letterbox on Bear Hair Gap Trail.


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