I am giving Aikido another shot. It always seems to happen in that short lull between my birthday and Christmas. I practiced at Dogwood Aikikai for about 9 months (6 until the wheels fell off, really) from late 2005 to mid 2006. It’s always somehting I’ve wanted to return to. The inside joke was to become a black belt in something by the time Amelia starts dating.

This time around I found a different dojo in town, their schedule more in line with mine. Aikido Center of Atlanta is the second oldest dojo on the east coast, founded in 1967. I will once again try to stick with it for a few months, at least, to get a feel for the classes, and it’s alignment with my schedule & routine. The advantages of Dogwood were that they have beginners classes, which accelerate the learning curve and are very methodical. Aikido Center uses the oder-school approach of learning by feel. So you spend much more time feeling clueless, instead of having things explained as you go, with vocabulary lessons and treatises on learning structure and interrelationship of concepts. (A premature judgement, for sure) But I can’t deny Aikido Center’s superior schedule. And they have a gorgeous dojo.

If I can manage to keep this up for more than 72 hours, I feel another blog coming on.

[edit] Time’s up. Go here.


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