These are not really resolutions, just some thoughts on things I might like to do this year.
In running, I didn’t do much in 2008. 2007 saw 3 10k’s and 2 half marathons. 2008 on the other hand saw one disappointing 10k, and a marathon training routine that got half way before the wheels fell off. I think I’m over the marathon “bug” for now. Not that I don’t think I could do it, physically – I was quite enjoying being able to run into the teens – but it turns out to be such a major time commitment. Imagine if one were to do it above the beginner level! And I caught the trail running bug in ’08.
So for 2009 I’d like to at least try for a of half again, maybe some 10k’s along the way as pert of the training. But I definitely want to do more of it on trails. Be it orienteering, the Xterra series, or what have you. The Granite Grinder trail half marathon April 18, would be a good one to put on the calendar that would kill a few birds with the first stone.

In hiking, that is where I was dreaming big. I would really like to do a through-hike of Georgia on the Appalachian trail. Including the 8-mile approach trail, and the 6-9 miles from the state line to the nearest highway, it is about 110 miles. One scenario would be to hike it with Jason, perhaps part of it, and drop him off along the way. That would be 4 days from Amicalola to Neels gap at a hiking-with-jason pace of 8-10 miles per day. And then 4 days from Neels gap to NC at a solo pace of 15 miles per day. Add a day to that for doubling back or hiking on from the state line, and another day for rest, resupply, travel, and maybe even another day for being overly optimistic, it’s a 10-12 day venture. ADventure, rather. Just a thought.

Aikido… Yes, I’d like to stick with that for a while.

Other areas? If you were looking for your beeswax, it’s not here.


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