famous people you’ve probably never heard of

Met this guy “Tom” in my Aikido class today. Afterwards the conversation turned to what touring is like today, versus 20 years ago when he was young and single. Tom who? I thought.

Many music fans may remember Tom Gray‘s name from his early-1980s band the Brains. Down South, ’round the Nashville-Atlanta-Birmingham triangle, the band was a hot commodity back in the day. The Brains’ self-titled debut album for Mercury Records yielded a minor college radio hit in the bittersweet “Money Changes Everything,” which would later become a huge mainstream hit for Cyndi Lauper.


Blues artist Tom Gray, of the band Delta Moon, won the “Blues Songwriter of the Year” award in the 2008 Roots Music Association Music Industry Awards, announced last week. Gray, who has brought the same skill, craft, and dedication to his blues-oriented music with Delta Moon as he once did with his popular 1980s-era rock band the Brains, won the award over stiff competition from talents like Alvin Youngblood Hart, Marcia Ball, Davis Cohen and Liz Mandeville.

[Edit: Not to be confused with veteran bluegrass picker Tom Gray]


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