new shoes

Time for new shoes again. This time trail shoes – Brooks Cascadia. The difference in trail vs. road shoes? For one, less cushioning. Less emphasis on correcting footstrike issues such as overpronation. Usually a narrower sole for a smaller footprint. And knobbier, more aggressive, higher traction lug soles. The fabric panels sometimes have a mesh screen as an inner layer, to prevent silt and dirt from collecting in the shoes. (Explanation of why less emphasis on correction and cushioning – here.) The narrow sole is not only to make you more agile in placing your foot around obstacles, but also to prevent as much torison to your foot when striking on uneven surface. A typical road shoe has the wider flare of the sole, to straighten the foot out on a level surface the same way every time. But on an uneven surface the wider sole would actually increase the amount of torsion of the foot before the sole reaches full contact. With the narrower sole, you are essentially striking closer to the centerline of the foot with the edge of the sole. Bla bla bla. I saw a diagram by some sport scientists in a powerpoint presentation, trust me.

Good run this evening. Saw a fox….big, red, fluffy. He was trotting along the railroad tracks, about 30 yards away. We both stopped and stared at each other for a minute, before going our ways. The new shoes did pretty well…a slight rub on the ball of my left foot, which could be fixed with moleskin, or might work itself out with break-in. Traction was noticeably better. Allows for less ginger. It almost got dark on me, in the woods. I finished up about 10 minutes before official sunset, but it was overcast and wooded.


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