Absolutely gorgeous day. Sunny and 65 – perfect 10 for being outside, maybe a bit warmer than perfect for a long run. The park and trails packed with people and dogs, scout groups, large families, young couples with babies, old men with fishing poles. On the greater-than-mere-exercise subject of being present and enjoying/living the moment as a means to persevere, rather than suffering through the moment to “overcome” it and claim the thus-sweeter reward at the end (something I’ve been thinking a lot about lately)…Note To Self: Don’t do the 8 mile LONG run on the same day as Aikido. The last 2 miles were HELL. And you don’t really feel that great afterward…not after an hour of flopping around on the mat, and 90 minutes of running. Mayeb next week the long run moves to Monday. I also think I will wait till I’m coming down off one of those Zen runs to sign up for anything meant to be fun because it’s grueling.

Shoes – much better with 2 socks. Still not perfect – might try double-layer running socks next.
For the record I am -21.3 miles on the 1000mi pace bunny, and +17.8 mi on the 1000k pace bunny.


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