long run today

Impromptu long run today as a result of farting around too long and being too late for Aikido.  Decided to shoot for 10 miles (2 laps, short version) since my last attempt at a long run was aborted at 7 miles due to emergency school play attendance requirement.  My last full long run was more like 8.5.  Second half of first lap felt hard / heavy / tired.  Got second wind after short break, water, gel at 5.25 mile mark.  2nd half felt great.  Pulled up short at 9 miles (of 10-point-ish) with slight ITB twinge in right knee.  Walked the last mile.  I've got to do something about the shoes…replace them perhaps, or try different insoles.  They are just barely too big, and I am on the verge of blisters all the time.  The double layer blister-proof socks work pretty good, but on long runs it starts to catch up.


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