Vicarious through-hiking

March 1st marked the unofficial start of the AT through-hike season.  Technically January 1st did.  But March 1st is a nice round number and probably the most common early start date.  Close enough to spring, late enough in the winter that you are only gambling for about 1 more week for that late winter storm.  Which came on March 1st this year, incidentally.  And it's when the real crowds start to show up at Springer for the north bound trek.  Anyway,  AT season has started, and it's all I can do to tear myself away from   Following a few of them, but still looking for that one to click.  It's interesting to follow along vicariously in real time, and have one to root for.  Last year it was one woman named Certain, an unlikely "match" for me, but a talented and insightful writer.  And verbose! – how can you do that day in and day out on such a tiny keyboard and screen??
(Edit to add: a lot of hikers used and use a device called Pocketmail for journaling – it is a portable email device similar to the old Wizard planner/address book, and could upload to email using any phone line. Nowadays a lot are moving to smartphones (Blackberry, etc.), but devices like Pocketmail are still a budget choice)


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