Moose Goo

Sorry…”Ultralight Joe’s Moose Goo”. I was getting geared up for a couple of upcoming campouts and hikes (one each) and came across this.

Ultralight Joe’s Moose Goo

NOTE: If you pass this around to your friends, I have but one request – please refer to it as “Ultralight Joe’s Moose Goo”. Since I run this site anonymously, it’s not an ego thing. I just get a kick out of hearing it mentioned on the trail, let’s me know I’m contributing to my fellow trekkers. A simple pleasure, perhaps, but I take what I can get. 🙂 Thanks!

Basic Recipe:

  • 2 parts honey
  • 2 parts masa corn flour (NOT corn meal! I plan to try sweet rice flour soon.)
  • 1 part peanut butter (preservative-laden)
  • Mix thoroughly, will take some time.
  • Pack into Coghlan’s Squeeze Tube (REI, Campmor, etc), or in cold weather wrap in wax paper.

Single Squeeze Tube Proportions (2-3 lunches w/ large tortillas):

  • 8 tbsp honey
  • 8 tbsp corn flour
  • 4 tbsp peanut butter

Per tube:

  • 1320 calories
  • 172g carbs (70 simple, 102 complex)
  • 24g protein
  • 38g fat

BEWARE! Below 40F, Ultralight Joe’s Moose Goo becomes impossible to squeeze out! I open the tube from the back and spoon it out when that happens. For snow camping I pack it in wax paper instead, eat it like a candy bar, or pre-pack it into tortillas.

My take: Essentially it tastes like homemade power bars. It definitely needs to be spread on something bland, because alone it is almost intolerably sweet. There are a few variations, such as adding dry milk powder (I tried whey protein powder) in order to improve the protein:fat ratio. Somebody suggested Nutella with the peanut butter (you could call it moose poo…), but then you start to lose the sight of the poor in poor man’s power bar. The Ultralight Backpacker also has recipies for cookies (“mookies”) and Bullwinkle Bars, based on this basic recipe. Not sure why the corn flour….it’s supposed to have magical powers for hikers, I guess. Such was implied. Will have to follow up on that.

10/18/13 – Edit to add:


3 thoughts on “Moose Goo

  1. The corn flour is used because corn is a more calorie dense, complete protein ounce for ounce than wheat or rice flour (especially when coupled with the peanut butter). The masa harina/corn flour has been nixtamalized so that the proteins are even more available to the human body (check Wikipedia’s article on nixtamalization for more on that process). The flour is also smoother than corn meal, so has a better texture when made into the goo.

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