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Please do not adjust your set.

Got a giant tarp this week, cheap, but the Cub Scouts campout was canceled due to severe weather. Just as well, I realized later that the tarp had not been seam-sealed. The tarp, Claytor “small” (2.3mx3m or 7.5’x10′) is nearly 2x as large as the one I am using (5×8 silponcho), so the delimma is, do I go for ultralightness and mere fairweather protection, or take a weight penalty for camp comfort and most-weather security? The over/under is 12 oz…. well 88% larger, 120% heavier than my current tarp, since it’s made out of 210d nylon instead of ultralight silnyl. On the other hand it’s 25% the cost of a silnyl tarp of equal size, but only 38% heavier. So all in all a good trade off of benefits for the money. That’s the factor most gram weenies leave out.

You won’t believe what the dog ate today. It will be a while before we go back to french kissing.

Trying out Twitter, as of 2AM this morning. Kind of pointless being virtually the only person I know who is on it. Some of the “way it could work” articles had me sold on its potential. But for it to work as a perpetual clever conversation of like-minded intellects instead of a constant stream of self-affirmation of your dull existence, it presupposes you have a cadre of clever like-minded intellects following you. We’ll see what pans.


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