Twenty Mile

Saturday 4/4/09
This is my first attempt at blogging from the trail. I have no
recption here, so tweeting would be pointless. But at least I can
summarize the day and put it in my out box for later.

We arrived at the trail head at 2:00 pm, having stopped in
Robbinsville for lunch, and Deals Gap for motorcycle watching. We
also stopped at Mountain Crossing on our way through the GA mountains.
That place was jam packed with AT hikers passing thru for their
complementary shakedown, general resupply, Internet and laundry. The
outfitter is about 3-4 days hike from the start of the appalachian
trail, and early April is high season for the thru hiking crowds. It
was neat to see the tens of backpacks lined up on the terrace out front.

By 2:15 we had filled out our permits and were on the trail. About a
mile later, I realized we had left our fleeces in the car. Our second
attempt started at 3:30. The first 3 of the 4.5 miles were gently uphill, following the gorgeous, roaring, cascading Twenty Mile Creek upstream. We rolled in to camp at about 5:45. We set up camp, pumped water, and ate rehydrated spaghetti with meat sauce. It was quite tasty if a bit watery, but I like everything about the freezerbag
so far. If anything, I might get some sort of tumbler to set the
bag(s) in while eating. The bag flops around too much in our folding

We went to bed with the daylight. By 8:45 there was not enough light
to have a reason to stay up. Right now I am lying in my hammock, with
the moon casting branch shadows on the tarp. I hope to weather tonights
predicted mid-30’s low. Hammocks are a lot cooler than tents (of
course) so I’m wearing polypro thinsulate jammies (smart hiker says:
army surplus not outfitters, for that!). Also, next order of business
is, start saving green stamps for a Warbonnet Blackbird. Everything
I’ve read so far addresses the few shortcomings while retaining the
superior features of the Claytor I have.

I’m starting to doze so that’s all for now.

[Sent via fruit-themed mobile device.]

One might argue that I’m sucking all the fun and raison d’etre out of it for the 8-year-old, by not having a campfire. But this is backpacking/hiking, not camping


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