Trail thoughts day 1

The ending is perfect. Arriving at three forks, it looked like I would
be passing up the perfect camp site – large trees on a flat wide
pinestraw bed next to the intersection of three amazing trout streams.
But I wanted to get in just one more mile for a full 13, and it was
only 4:15. I’m glad I did – the next stop was Long Creek Falls. I
passed some tents with father-sons camping, to find a perfect spot
right at the base of the falls. I held back a little so as not to ruin
anybody else’s photo op, and there have already been a few come
through. But one of the trees I’m tied to is leaning out over the
water. I’m having a cigar while waiting for the pasta to soak. No
earplugs tonight – this one has it’s own white noise generator.

The ride from Neels to Amicalola went without a hitch (well I did
forget my Buff – my single most versatile & useful piece of gear).
Thanks to Survivor Dave for the shuttle. I left Amicalola at 9:30 and
arrived at springer at 1:15. That’s 8 point something miles – pretty
fast, lots of uphill, but no breaks. On the summit were a large group
of day hikers, genteel mid 50’s couples from Boston & Colorado. I
dubbed them the Boston Yacht & Tennis Expedition. Two college girls
showed up, also day hiking. Sounded like one of them was in med
school, and she knew about Camp Kudzu.

I left the summit at 2 and arrived at this spot at 4:45 – 5 miles for
13 on the day. Dinner time.

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