Premature post-hike analysis

Lessons learned:
1. Though it seemed to work ok on the Claytor hammock the few times I tried it, the system of packing the sleeping bag inside the hammock doesn’t do so well on the Warbonnet. It gets all tangled up in the ridgeline, for one. Go back to packing them separate. This would also give the flexibility of pitching the hammock at a lunch break, something I thought about doing more than once

2. Rethink laundry system. The washed socks and underwear have not
dried in 24 hours. If they are still too damp in the morning, perhaps
consider actiually packing more s&u. Enough to bridge laundry stops.
Not that big a deal on a 3 day hike, but was trying to make it work
for potential longer ones. (Socks were wearable but still damp on the 2nd morning. Might still be viable.)

3. Food. Epic fail on the de/re-hydrated chili and the risotto. The rice was like
paste (tasty though) and beans just didn’t rehydrate well. Stick with
pasta. The spaghetti & meat sauce with the fancy mushrooms was fantastic. May try mac & cheese with peas or
broccoli, and bacon crumbles. That sounded good while I was eating
crunchy chili.

4. Gatorade. Bring Gatorade, for the love of God.

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