Be Cool

I have to put in a plug for the coolest “cool bike” picture thread on any forum in internetdom. The Cafe/2Stroke/Single/Twin/Brit/Euro/Cool Bike Pic Thread on The title says it – you won’t see a lot of choppers here (some) but everything else is fair game.  A game of one-upmanship in cool bike pr0n. Vintage, cafe, custom, modern, racing, late-modern classics, obscure and unique.  Even scale models.   It has grown so large and all-encompassing that it is almost pointless to start at the beginning.  It begins here, humbly enough, on December 19, 2007, as a semi-off topic thread on a forum dedicated to riders of the Suzuki SV.  To date the thread encompasses 7,383 posts!  Don’t step away for too long or you will fall hopelessly behind – that’s ~9 posts per day (thanks Wolfram Alpha!) most of them with pictures.  It’s better as a subscription, for your daily dose.  Not just popular, it has become notorious… and addictive.  I have seen references to it all over the web, on adventure rider sites, classic bike sites, custom bike sites…even the occasional unread “random-musings-type” personal blog.

(pic goes here…now blogger scolds you if you use web-sourced images…so here’s one I took myself)


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