Music Nonstop. Technopop.

For years I have been using Podrunner fixed BPM workout music podcasts as the soundtrack to my running.  I have tried running to old favorites and personal playlists, but have found that if the beat does not match my cadence, it is more of a distraction and confuses my breathing. I have settled in to a groove where my long slow runs (and short slow runs…all my runs, pretty much) fall between 154 ans 158 BPM.  Podrunner has a selection of 6 hour-long mixes at those paces, of varying styles.  Add to that 2 do-overs remixes where DJ Steve had to replace a few tracks due to DMR and sponsorship changes, for a total of 8 unique hours, and it takes a while for the selection to get stale.  If anything it gets familiar, and comfortable, with favorite segments just around the aural corner.  (“Lyrics” can get annoying though…([rock it to the beat y’all] x 64) + ([push it, push it, push it to the limit] x 64) = instantly old.)

Recently I have been in the need of some intervals for alternating run/walk training.  I am easing back in to running after some time off, and don’t want to kill myself.  [Aside: I’ve been skeptical of the whole “Gallowalking” – not that I didn’t believe it could work…but it’s cheating isn’t it?  But  I am now officially OLD and can see the merits of being able to someday run ultras using this technique.]  Podrunner now has their own Podrunner Intervals, but I wanted something at my own pace, with walk breaks.

Enter  Virtual DJ.  With a 20-day free trial download, I was able to convert any song I already own into a squeezed or stretched version to match any BPM.  Wordless electronica with a faster beat works best for speeding up without sounding chipmonky.  The result – a library of personal customized running-pace music.  For run/walk intervals I created a playlist of tunes of 2-3 minutes (list songs by Time) with a one-minute interlude.  I wanted to use One More Kiss Dear, from the Bladerunner soundtrack, but unfortuantely let my Virtual DJ software expire before I could tweak a 1 minute version of it.  The interlude song I ended up with is retro-groovy Me and You by Nightmares on Wax, courtesy of eMusic, at 56 seconds.  The rest of the starting-back  playlist has one each by Moby, Underworld, Haujobb, and two Crystal Methods.Most of the rest of the 155BPM custom library runs in the 5-10 minute per track range, and will serve well for future longer-interval playlists.  Don’t forget to set to “repeat”.


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